“Paul was the best wedding photographer we could have asked for. He knows how to capture all the emotions associated with a wedding day. Paul scoped out our location before our wedding day and had great shots in mind that we would never have thought of, but are now among our favorite photos. He also got all the shots that we wanted without ever appearing intrusive — these shots included a surprise bouquet toss (where the recipient didn’t know it was coming), some great dips and spins during our first dance and a rooftop shot at night with a backdrop of the Toronto skyline and twinkling stars that we’ve since blown up to four feet wide and printed on canvas above our fireplace. We honestly can’t recommend Paul highly enough. He’s professional, caring and has a great eye for catching absolutely perfect moments that others might miss. On what was an incredibly busy day, we knew he had our backs. Thank you, Paul.”
Alanna Evans


“Paul managed to capture the moments of our wedding in a unique way
that never screamed “wedding photography”. His use of light and angles
are nothing short of genius”
-Kate Solovieva